Guess who subscribed to me?! | Weekly vlog #12

Can you guys believe that this is already my 12th weekly vlog? It’s honestly totally incredible for me! When I started this new vlogging journey early in January, I never thought that you guys would enjoy it so much but I am so happy that you do. Some of you have told me that I need to film on the go a bit more, and so did I! I mounted my Go pro onto my dashboard and even filmed in public a couple of times. Sure, it’s far from being perfect yet but I am slowly getting used to all the looks that I get!

Anyways, in this week’s weekly vlog, you’ll see me freak out as I realise that one of my favorite Youtuber is actually subscribed to my channel, but you’ll also follow me around in Antwerp and discover the latest Chloe fragrance, I hope you’ll enjoy it!